How Can I Best Serve Humanity?

In my case by being a healer, a teacher, a friend, a lover and a father. I can serve by leading by example, by being genuine and authentic.

By being prepared to expose myself, to break down the persona, to peel back the layers and living the real truth of who I am.

By walking through this world with a quiet mind and open heart.

To live in the now, to face my perceived fears, to feel compassion, to see the divine in all of life.

To see the divine in all of humanity – no matter what the colour, race, sexuality, creed, age, or walk of life they may come from.

To look into the eyes of another human being, and look into the depths of their soul, to see the divine with in.

To talk with passion and not just speak, to listen without judgment and not just hear, to look with the eyes of wonderment and not just see.

To live from a place of truth, respect, forgiveness, acceptance, freedom, harmony, spiritual connection and love.

Blessings for a great day today!

Mark Coleman
Life Mastery (NZ) Limited

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