Learning and Teaching in Metaphysics

Many of our schools are doing a poor job due to overcrowded conditions and teachers who must be inspired to put their heart in the work. Better school housing and salaries for educational workers will help. But the metaphysical spiritual center or school can inspire the desire to teach the young in many of its members. A dynamic program of spiritual education for all ages is a wonderful challenge to any spiritual group. If you intend to teach something you must know it well; and this fact in itself will spur the teachers to deeper studies in spiritual philosophy and metaphysics.

For some, even those who in the beginning felt that they had no special talent, there will come a time when an inner urge to do something more will manifest. In many cases this urge will came in a desire to teach, to point the way for others that they may find the joy you have found. In the first place don’t expect people to look up to you as a teacher or to follow your teaching unless you show in your own life that your ideas work. The old saying “Do as I say, not as I do” will not work in this area, the result will be failure. If you are not willing to make a few changes in yourself, don’t set yourself up as a teacher.

Living is also teaching, many people will follow a leader. And what better form of leadership than example? After all, what right does anyone have to try to teach another the worth of something, unless he or she has proved it in his or her own life? Unless you can show by your everyday living that you have something that makes your life better, it doesn’t mean much to try to teach it. If others can see by your example that your way, your belief makes your life a better, happier experience, they will wish to have what you have and so you may teach and help them.

You must be willing to study, read, and learn in order to broaden your outlook and increase your knowledge. Never forget that a teacher learns from students as well as they learn from their teacher, there is much truth to the old adage: “A teacher teaches what he/she needs to know”. Realize also that you must face criticism. Great people throughout history were criticized so why do many of us feel we should be spared this? Make up your mind that you will not let this discourage you. On the other hand, as you grow more confident and helpful and people begin looking up to you, do not let it go to your head.

No matter how much you know there are always those who know more. Keep your humility. It is a great virtue. Never feel proud or conceited because you think you know more than some because on this great spiritual path each of us are exactly where we should be. Seek instead to bring others to where you stand. Perhaps you may also learn from them, for in some other field they may know more than you. You came to evolve, as all souls do. As you help others to evolve you also progress. There are many ways of teaching. Not all can teach formally but all can help. If what has been given you has helped, or comforted, or guided you, do not hesitate to share it. Often a personal experience related well will help another more than any other thing.

You are entering a new life and you can do it from where you are now. Stress meditation with your students. It is of utmost importance. Look within for guidance. The Spirit of Truth will guide the one who trusts and believes that “there is only Good”. Let the power of your Creator work through you to serve humanity. Do not falter, nor be discouraged, no matter what comes. When you see the greatness of the Light you have helped to create, your joy will know no bounds and you will forget the harshness of the struggle.

Eventually, people of all ages will hear the truth. They will hear about modern spirituality; about the visible and etheric worlds, the origin and meaning of human life; the facts about transition and the afterlife; the truth of communication as a perfectly natural process; and they will be encouraged to develop their own spiritual and psychic powers as a natural part of the educational process – which it certainly is. Is this too much to hope for? We think not, as the tempo of change is speeding up; Aquarian age vibrations are pressing hard upon mass consciousness and forcing people to think more deeply about spiritual truth.

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