What Do Metaphisical Schools Teach?

In the U.S. and Canada there are hundreds of metaphysical schools offering students opportunities to explore fascinating reality that lies beyond physical science.  Modem metaphysical sciense teachings take a holistic approach to the study of ontology (the study of existence and the nature of being) by including spiritual and emotional aspects as well as the physical sciences. Interested students will find metaphysical studies in parapsychic science, spiritual attunement and parapsychology. Certificates for natural healers are commonly available from accredited metaphysical schools, as are metaphysical degree programs ranging from associate’s and bachelor’s to respected master’s and doctorate degrees.

The study of metaphysical sciences is based on the belief that there is much more to our universe than can be seen or felt on a physical or biological level. The presence of paranormal spirit guides such as angels may be explored, as well as various aspects and methods of holistic and energy healing. Accredited parapsychology schools offer extraordinary courses that delve deeply into the human psyche to discover our true spiritual power and human potential. You can gain a balanced life, spiritual peace and help others achieve holistic health by learning about the unseen metaphysical world that surrounds and sustains us.

If you have an interest in the universe that lies beyond our physical presence, look to accredited parapsychology schools to offer enlightening courses in parapsychic science. A course in parapsychology can help you learn about angels, astrology, psychic healing, vibrational healing, channeling, astral projection, clairvoyance, hypnosis, telepathy, extra sensory perception (ESP) and so much more. Whether you choose to enter a parapsychology certificate program or a full-blown degree program in parapsychic sciences you will never be bored, and you might just decide to enter this rewarding and exciting field as a certified parapsychologist.

Spiritual Attunement

The best spiritual attunement schools provide a natural path to enlightenment and peace with training that is centered on advancing spiritual growth and emotional balance. Students interested in careers in natural healing, ministry or pastoral counseling may greatly benefit from spiritual attunement training. Spiritual attunement classes can include instruction in meditation and prayer, energy healing, reiki, and other spiritual centering techniques. Students may also learn to develop psychic abilities for a deeper understanding and empathy of client needs. Check with individual accredited spiritual healing schools for specific course information.

About Metaphysical School Accreditation

While the USDE and the CHEA have no current provision for accrediting metaphysical schools, there are other types of accreditation you could look for when researching courses in spiritual attunement, metaphysics or parapsychology. For example, the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP) will grant accreditation to institutes of holistic healing, including top metaphysical schools offering exceptional training and education. If you want to ensure you will receive a quality education in metaphysical sciences, verify professional associations and accreditations to establish the worthiness of natural healing schools, colleges and universities.

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