Amen Crackers

Have you ever heard of “Amen Crackers”? I hadn’t either until my granddaughter, Amanda, came for a visit. Amanda is not quite two but ever since her parents taught her to pray she always prays for each individual thing on her plate.

One evening at suppertime Amanda was in the high chair and I went over to the kitchen counter to fill her plate. Her Mother had put three small crackers on her high chair tray to give her something to eat while I fixed her plate. I watched as she bowed her head and touched the first cracker with her index finger and said, “Amen cracker”. She touched the next cracker and said, “Amen cracker”, and then she went to the last cracker, touching it, and again saying, “Amen cracker”. She thought the tiny crackers were her supper so she was saying her prayers.

Amanda has figured out that prayers have an “Amen” in them but sometimes she gets the “Amen” at the beginning instead of at the end of her prayers.

I got to thinking about the word, “Amen” and I found that in Hebrew the word “Amen” means to confirm and it is spoken to state, “so be it.” When we end our prayers with “Amen” we are reaffirming our dedication to God. Sometimes church members or congregations say, “Amen,” to show confirmation or agreement when something powerful is spoken from the Word of God.

Amanda’s prayer might seem very simple but maybe she wasn’t so far off in what she was doing because she would have been confirming her dedication to God first of all instead of at the end. At any rate, we can gain wisdom from “the mouths of babes.” I learned several things from Amanda and her “Amen Crackers.”

- I learned that prayer should be a priority.
- I learned that whatever is on my “plate” I should be thankful for it.
- I learned I should keep it simple and be specific.
- I learned to have faith and trust God even when all I have is three crackers.
- I learned it is best to tend to my own crackers that have been provided for me and allow God to fill my plate.
- I learned to be patient. Even if I’m sitting in a high chair, I can’t see what is going on in God’s kitchen from where I sit.
- I learned to thank God for the small things, and not complain, even if all I have is crackers.
- I learned it doesn’t matter if you get the prayer backwards, God hears our hearts.

Have you thanked God for the crackers in your life?

Pamela Perry Blaine -
Pamela lives in Missouri and writes “Pam’s Corner” for her local newspaper. Many stories have been published in magazines, newspapers, and books. She is church pianist and has a CD of songs she has written. Her goal is to write to encourage and to preserve family history for her children. Feel free to visit her website at:

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