Getting a Degree of Metaphysics

This is a real Q and A in Yahoo Answers.  I found it funny.

Question: What college/university is the best to attend for a degree in metaphysics in the US?

I have been wondering where the best university to study metaphysics is in the US. I have been told everything from local colleges to MIT, but I'm not too sure of the best option.

Best answer: Metaphysics is worthless you won't find it at any accredited university, maybe you mean physics?

Here's another one:

Client: Hi Mr. Smith...
Counselor:  Call me Dr. Smith, please.
Client: Oh, Dr. Smith, congratulations on your doctor's degree.  Where did you get it?
Counselor: I got my Doctor of Metaphysical Science degree from University of Metaphysics.
Client: Wow! but never heard of it.  Is it accredited by U.S. Department of Education?
Counselor: It is a non-secular degree.
Client: What does this mean?
Counselor: It means accredited by God.

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